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Welcome to Socialon we Work for human rights.

Aiming and achieving together is what we are all about. We work on simply mantra of “Dare to Care”. We are unstoppable and continuously strive harder in support for welfare, education, health, caring for bright future minds of our nation. Each of our initiative is done for betterment of society and giving opportunity that an individual desires for. Udaan is a platform that gives wings to commoner to soar higher and achieve goals of life.

We have well planned comprehensive activities, campaign programs in spectrum of enhancing livelihoods, disaster management, health, education and empowerment of women in our country. In rural and urban areas we have created a platform that makes much easier for students to attain the wisdom of knowledge. With a large preview and focus on health care, we have the best of medical camp facilities and donation camps going on timely basis.

Objectives :

Every human being is destined to do something that is bigger and better in life, with this committed vision, our objective at Udaan is:-

  • Many people do migrate in bigger or tier 1 cities to seek a good opportunity and be a bread winner for the family. Over the coming years, we want to bring good training centers and create opportunities for people even in the remotest areas of villages so that they do not leave their beloved families behind and migrate in other cities. Our aim is to create an equal scope of opportunities for marginal income or poor background people.
  • We always believe that “home is where the heart is”. In future coming years our objective is to build an orphanage that is just not limited to walls, but with love, caring and sharing joy of senior citizens. We have toiled in efforts give best of living facilities and medical aid to senior citizens as a when required.
  • Due to financial issues, many backward class people do ignore their health aspects thus we aim on to give the best of medical camps and timely checkups.

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We are one from Udaan Welfare Foundation who help, motivates, support, encouraging, improving, loving, sharing and caring.

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