Though India has millions of hands and huge work strength to make our country progressive and developed one; but these hands are stuck in the clutches of indiscrimination, poverty and poor health issues. In order to set them free and give that equal platform to marginal or poor income earners, we need your support to build vocational training institutes. This training will help locals to master their skills and wings to earn within their villages and Old age homes. The young minds are future of our nation, but it is sad plight to see that they have to travel miles to seek that necessary education.

Your donations could change this scenario for Environment , and bring in that good desirous change for our country. With your contributions we aim to build good free of education schools and provide stationery kits to the students so that focus always remains on learning. We organise rehabilitation centre for Old age poor people and achieves a work of Good. As heart of India is in villages and its commoners, a health checkups and donation camps for widows and often age can be organized to bring in the betterment to mankind.

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